Thursday, June 04, 2020

"Trumpet Flowers with Silver" Still life painting by Robin Weiss

"Trumpet Flowers and Silver"   16x12, oil   $1200

While we are on the subject of floral still lifes...This painting was an experiment for me see how effectively I could paint the air between the foreground subjects and the background floral, printed fabric,,,,,which was a pillow case.

I used my iconic Art Deco  coffee pot which has been in many still life set ups in the past. and some spring trumpet flowers I found growing in the lot across the street. While I was happy with the drafting and certain parts of the painting like the reflections and saturated color of the plate, the painting overall is a little confusing and busy. ......Think I could have simplified the backgound ....It's  always good practice ( as in writing) to find what can be edited out of a painting to make it a stronger design.

Hope you're not to busy to create some unique art of your own!  Stay safe and stay creative!

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