Monday, October 24, 2022

"Thursday in Edmonds" Edmonds plein air painting by Robin Weiss

"Thursday in Edmonds" 12x16 oil on panel  SOLD
Available through the Cole Gallery

 As the title suggests I painted this on a Thursday afternoon during the first annual Edmonds Plein Air Paintout hosted by the Cole Gallery in September. They plan on keeping the love ( of art )alive by hosting this fun paintout every year in September.

I thought this view would be a challenge with cars coming and going and the sun moving pretty rapidly but I also have learned from experience that once you set up on the street and commit to a scene the encouragement from passers by and the pressure of competition can motivate you to stick with it until something usually shapes up. I spent all afternoon on this painting.  Once you paint one car you have painted a hundred and as you get the brush miles under your belt you can change shapes and colors at will.

This painting is available through the Cole Gallery in Edmonds and they have a 20% sale going right now so it's a good time to buy art for the holidays!

Also....Arts in the Woods coming up in November!!  Click HERE for more info on our local studio tour!

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