Thursday, October 30, 2014

"Dock Mates" plein air, marinescape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Dock Mates"  11x14 oil on linen panel    Sold
The gate to the marina was left open so I slipped through and set up on the access ramp for this painting.  A few minuets later a large group of people filed by commenting on the work in progress and saying that the whale watching tour was a blast.. Guess it was okay for me to be there.


Lavon said...

Wonderful colors! Looks like you enjoyed a spate of great weather, too. Your water reflections are excellent. sigh....

Mitch said...

Robin, this one is especially nice. The composition just draws the viewer in along those boats and water, with a warm feeling the entire way.

Julie Ford Oliver said...

GORGEOUS - really gorgeous colors and so painterly.
Hi Robin - Loved the story and appreciate you sharing it.
I used to paint in egg tempera and had a similar tale
only it was the gallery owners cat which licked off most of the painting. Not recoverable in my case. Oils are the way to go!

Alan Shiner-Szajna My family name was changed. Sometimes I sign my paintings Szajna(pronounced SHY-nuh) and Sometimes just Shiner said...

Beautiful painting. I had to add your blog link to my blog. I enjoy your work. Please add me back if you like my blog.