Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Hole in the Wall" Second Beach, plein air, marinescape, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Hole in the Wall"  Second Beach  9x12 oil on panel   Sold

 It was a perfect day on the beach in LaPush, Washington so I stayed till late afternoon.  This is my second painting of the day looking south down the beach.

Help from the crow!

The paper surrounding the painting is protection for the frame that I mounted the panel in. I find it easier to pre-mount the panels into the floater frames and then wrap them for painting competitions like Paint the Peninsula. That way when I'm done painting the wrapping is easily removed and the painting can be hung for judging.

This photo also shows the "help" I received from a crow when I set the painting on a driftwood log and moved down the beach to set up for another scene.  Probably thinking it was something tasty to eat, all he got was a beak full of paint! ...Then left me a nice wing swipe through the freshly rendered surf.


Gabrielle said...

Hi Robin,

Thank you for your informative blog and beautiful work. The Paint the Peninsula event sounds like a lot of fun.

This summer I switched from acrylics to oils and so this fall I tried painting en plein air for the first time, since I no longer had to contend with paint drying instantly in the field. I am now hooked. I've been researching easels and pochade boxes, etc. The options are exhausting! I'd be interested to know what set-up you use. (I apologize if you've mentioned it somewhere in your blog and I missed it.)


Robin Weiss said...

Hi Gabrielle.
Thank you for your kind comment!

I designed my own pochade box and have been planning for a long time to post about it just haven't got to it!
However it is very similar to the Open Box M style which you can check out at

Good luck and happy painting!