Friday, October 31, 2014

"Sunflower Demo" still life, plein air, oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Sunflower Demo"  16x20 oil on canvas    Sold
This painting brings to a close my work done at Paint the Peninsula 2014. On the last day The Port Angeles Fine Art Center was open to the public for the final exhibition and sale of all the paintings completed during the week. I had volunteered to do a painting demonstration picking the still life setup outside. It was yet another sunny, beautiful day. Using my only large canvas and biggest brush, I quickly rendered the subject.
  I received many great comments and liked the way the painting came out so I took it into the gallery still fresh with wet paint and leaned it on the floor against my wall of paintings in the exhibition hoping for a sale.
At the Fine Art Center

As you may be able to guess....and while I was distracted doing something else....a sweet little old lady , with her little dog, was allowed into the gallery. She went right over to the snack table, got a plate of artichoke dip and some crackers and started viewing all the paintings. When she got to my wall, while leaning over closely inspecting the work, she dropped a glob of artichoke dip on the wet painting leaning against the wall. Her dog, alert to any complimentary hors d'oeuvres offered, immediately licked the dip off the painting along with my signature.....

It was a fairly easy fix and I got over it after awhile....and now I can even laugh about it!  But I am happy to say the policy has now changed to NO dogs allowed in the gallery at The Fine Art Center!   Also, I will NOT be leaning wet paintings against walls at a public display again! That was a dumb idea to begin with!

Again, I had a blast meeting and painting with all the other artists and the staff of PAFAC. Here are the other winners in the competition,  Sorry for the quality of the pictures it was the best I could do in the gallery lighting.

Eric Jacobson,  Best of Show

Bruce Gomez , First place, Third Place Quick Draw

Ned Mueller , Second Place

Jane Wallis, Third Place

Mike Rada , First Place Quick Draw

Ken Falks, Sponsors Award

Mike Wise, Sponsors Award and Special Honorable Mention

Kat Sowa, Honorable Mention

Emiliya Lane, Honorable Mention

Susan Ogilvie, Sponsors Award


Darrell Anderson said...

Loved your story....and thanks for posting the paintings. Nice to see them.

Gabrielle said...

Oh my, what a story! You get some interesting co-painters; a crow last week, now a dog. All in a day's work, I guess.

Thanks for your answer to my question about plein air set-ups a few posts back. Your answer inspired me to make a little pochade box out of a cigar box to get me by while I'm making up my mind about which "official" set-up to get. Who knows, I may end up just sticking with that!

Lavon said...

somehow I missed this one. Lovely piece; Just love a good sunflower. and thanks for sharing the other artists' work. You are a doll!