Thursday, March 21, 2019

"Finn River Geese" original oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Finn River Geese" 10x10 oil on panel   $600

I keep going back to the Finnriver Farm and Cidery in Chimacum Washington. I posted about it along with another painting of these amazing honkers done earlier in the summer. Click HERE to see that post.
  Using reference photos , I composed the geese in a square format working to get their personality into the gesture. A worn down filbert, hog bristle brush makes a great drawing tool for getting the contour lines down. I am using a new M Graham color..and my new favorite,  Quinacridone Rust as the underpainting color. This  red/orange hue, similar to Transparent Oxide Red but with the color intensity of the Quinacridone colors, harmonizes the painting and peeks through adding a zing to broken color passages.
Since this was done in autumn I am using a limited palette of fall colors:
Titanium White
Most of the white used in rendering the geese has been warmed in the sunlit areas and cooled in the shadow areas. Pure white dabs of paint are used sparingly to draw the eye to the focal point and add sparkle.
Cad Red Light
Used in the warm sunlit mix for grasses, and reflected light on the geese.
Alizerin Crimson
Used as a cool red for shadow color
Cad Yellow
Also used in the mix for warm field grass, and with Cad Red Lt for the Orange of the beaks.
Mixed with Cad Yellow, Quin Rust or Ultramarine Blue for various hues in the grass
Ultramarine Blue
Considered a warm Blue can be mixed with Alizerin for a juicy Lavender /Purple.
Quinacrinone Rust
This is a more intense Sienna Brown. Can be used instead of Transparent Red/Orange Oxide.

I work out the composition using the Quin Rust . I spend the time to do a fairly finished under painting before going in with color. This allows me to work out most of the problem solving concerning composition and value. Then just have fun with the color!

Available for purchase through;
The Cole Gallery, Edmonds, WA

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