Friday, April 19, 2024

"Let the Earth Rejoice" Eleanor's Apple Tree original painting by Robin Weiss

"Let the Earth Rejoice" 11x14 oil on panel  $500


Lots of exciting things happening these days keeping me from posting for awhile.  First up and already on display at the Front Street Gallery in Poulsbo is the annual Ars Poetica exhibition. Ars Poetica has it's roots going way back to a Roman poet named Horace when he said "The making of a poem is like that of a painting" This exhibition will pair visual artists with poets. The art along with the poems will be dsiplayed on the featured art wall at Front Street Gallery through April with an artist and poet reading on April 21st at 2pm.

"Let the Earth Rejoice" is the painting that I created to go along with a poem that was posted online by the daughter of a friend that attends our church. I was impressed with her poem which expressed her love of what she sees and obviously really spends time thinking about in nature, then integrated that with a grateful love of the God who created the beauty we see coming up with this sweet poem. 

Eleanor E Graham 
The little apple tree

There is a little apple tree,
That grows in our yard all day and night.
she has but just a few little leaves
But she holds them up to try and touch the sky
And praises with all of her might.

She praises in the summer,
When the children play in her branches
And pick the apples in her leaves,
And all the world is laughing

She praises in the fall
When her leaves turn crimson and gold
And swirl and spin through the air
And all the world is dancing

She praises in the winter,
When a blanket in laid upon the land
Her branches are bare,
and all the world is sleeping.

She praises in the spring,
When green things are growing
And rabbits that slept in her roots
Are hopping and jumping and leaping

And someday when she’s old and wise,
And she’ll lift up her branches to praise 
And touch the sky.

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