Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Powerline Firs" plein air, landscape painting, by robin weiss

"Power Line Firs"  10x8 oil on panel
It has been a cold wet spring here in the Pacific per usual!!  But every once in a while we get a few hours of decent weather....I took the opportunity to sneak out to the power line rd....which is right across the street from the studio.

You can see a new element to the plein air rig....I have bungeed my  back-pack to a hand truck. which helps a lot when I don't have to hike into a remote location....I'm hoping to be able to use this at Red Rocks....  Wow! ....and that's coming up pretty soon! 

Mike Hernandez is an artist I have been following on Facebook. He is quite versatile in many mediums including digital art. He lives in the Seattle area but is employed at Dreamworks in L.A. Check out Mike's art HERE


William R. Moore said...

Like you March 06, 2012 post this is another where the motif is well designed from a not so apparent subject.

In the photo of the subject, I don't see the directional road sign. Would appreciate hearing the story of it's inclusion. It works on more than one level.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank's William! The road sign is there, you just can't see it in this photo...I picked the one photo that had it hidden behind the telephone pole!

I included it to take advantage of what Jim Lamb calls a "Zinger" ...A tad of bright color to draw the eye and add interest.