Monday, June 18, 2012

"Breakfast in Port Gamble" plein air painting, by Robin Weiss

"Breakfast in Port Gamble" 8x12 oil on panel sold
There has been some recent buzz about Gregg Olsens new book "Envy". It is a young adult thriller set in Port Gamble. Recently there has been a book tour of the town starting at the theater which is the yellow building in the distance. Apparently Gregg Olsen thinks Port Gamble is "creepy"....Come to think of it they did film The "Zombies of Mass Destruction" here in 2010! I don't get it!  I keep expecting to see Andy and Opie come walking down the street!....You can read more about "Envy" HERE

plein air set up in Port Gamble
I found a great spot in the shade to set up.  Everyone was really friendly and interested in what I was doing.....and no one tried to bite me!!

Port Gamble Store, Renaissance Fest
Seriously!! Check out the Port Gamble Store for breakfast!

Even pirates like to eat there and they will protect you from the zombies!


ashok said...

you are very talented

Lavon said...

Robin, I agree. Port Gamble is a sweet town. Of course that is why it was probably fun to put the zombies in it. Love your breakfast plein air. Your shadow work is excellent! I also love the shot of your view with your equipment. Thanks!