Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Walking in the Rain" Seattle city, urban oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Walking in the Rain" 10x6 oil on panel  Sold
Still working towards the Father/Son Show on the 14th of June at Alki Arts.  We bring all the work over today to hang the show. Thursday night is the opening from 6:00-9:00pm. If you have the opportunity come on over , we would love to see you! This painting is Occidental Park on yet another, rainy day in Seattle!

Bear sculpture at Tilikum Place
I also got the chance to go sketching with Maury in the city this week when I went over to pick up some of his work for the show. There is a great little park by the Five Point Cafe that has interesting views of the Space Needle and the Monorail. We did some drawings of the Chief Seattle commemoration
In 1912, local sculptor James Wehn created this magnificent, meticulously researched statue of Chief Seattle. Myrtle Loughery, the chief's great-great granddaughter, unveiled it on Founder's Day, November 13, 1912. Renovated in 1975, the Chief Seattle sculpture today presides over Tilikum Place, a small square at the intersection of Fifth Avenue, Denny Way, and Cedar Street, near the southeastern corner of the Seattle Center.
The drawing was done with water soluble graphite pencil.  I like these better than the WS pens I was working with before. One of the little water brushes packs easily and works great to soften edges. 


Lavon said...

My family really enjoyed meeting you. Tell Lee thank you again for me. The studio you work in is amazing! Also, thank you for the fine tips! I will try the new tip water soluble graphite pencil with brush for my life drawing class! Yes, I talk in exclamations. 8)
Keep up the good work. I want you to post that dark piece you were working on. Loved it! This bright piece is amazing, too.
love, Lavon

Robin Weiss said...

Lavon, Wheew! It has been very busy for me since we met!

Thank you so much for your encouragement and taking time to stop by and chat!! Your family is delightful! I am working over time to get ready for the show! I hope the water graphite works out well for you...Good luck in all your artistic endeavors!