Thursday, June 14, 2012

"Space Tunnel" Seattle city, urban oil painting by Robin Weiss

"Space Tunnel" 14x18 oil on canvas  Sold
TONIGHT!!, June 14th is the Father/Son show at Alki Arts in West Seattle!  I'm excited about having this show with my son Maury!

This will also be the last Seattle city painting for awhile. I have been painting flowers in watercolor and doing a lot of local plein air painting that I will be posting daily for the next couple weeks.

If you are in Seattle come on down to Alki Arts tonight and join the fun! Summer is finally coming to the Pacific Northwest and the weather is looking up!   See ya on the beach!!


Lavon said...

The painting came out gorgeous! You really got the street shine and pops of color you were looking for. Love how sunshine on the buildings in the background. The little pop of blue on the pedestrian is great as is your windshield shine. Just love it! I understand about getting burned out on doing the city and wanting to paint something else for awhile. The brush cleaning pointer you gave me I put to use last night. I'm doing a small painting of an old Porsche with a desert background. Planning to do some iconic urban Albuquerque stuff. Maybe the Chevy-on-a-stick over by Kirkland Base. Always cool. How did the show go?? love, Lavon

Lucy Cain said...

Mr. Weiss: I've followed your work for a while now on the internet. And this is one of your best! Color, atmosphere, design, tonality! Inspiring!

Lucy Cain Sargeant, Artist, Davis, CA

Laurel Daniel said...

Beautiful work and congratulations (a bit belated) on your show with your son!!! It's so great that you share the love of art and art making. What a wonderful legacy!!!