Saturday, June 30, 2012

"Red Rhodies #7" plein air, floral, watercolor painting by Robin Weiss

"Red Rhodies #7" 10x10 watercolor on Arches paper
Here you see the glass vase again...and a red dish towel for more red punch!  

One more post in the floral watercolor series and then I will be posting my recent plein air paintings of Edmonds, WA. Getting ready for Gallery Norths, Plein Air and Beauty of the Northwest exhibition, August 1st - 31st.

Thanks for all the encouraging comments and support for my watercolor series!!..=]


c.dingman said...

Love the red punch!

Lucy Cain said...

Mr. Weiss, I love your work. And I enjoy following your posts. Full disclosure, I am an artist and teacher, with opinions. A peer, so to speak.

Re. Red Rhodies #7: You didn't ask, but if you did, I'd say: Orange is too loud. Takes me away from lively, spontaneous flowers.

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Carlene!

Thank you Lucy! Always interesting to get the different takes on what appeals to viewers of my art. Your critiques are much appreciated.

Lavon said...

oooo Robin! love this one! I cannot agree with Lucy. I like how the orange in the red cloth lends balance to the overall piece. I also like how the rhodies are splayed up to the left of the painting. Excellent piece! here in New Mexico we have what are called "character" trees for the garden for which people pay booocou bucks. Having an irregular shape just makes for a more appealing esthetic. love it!!