Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Red Rhodies #4" plein air floral, watercolor painting by Robin Weiss

"Red Rhodies #4  10x10 watercolor on Arches paper SOLD

I picked a glass vase for this one and added some bright orange Exbury Azaleas.


Cathy Amos said...

Love all your watercolour paintings - they are fresh and loose!

Ann said...

Love this one...the colors are extraordinary and you gave it just the right amount of detail.

Lavon said...

ok, don't be hurt...but I think the white rodie needs something more behind it. step back. the bouquet isn't balanced. the shadows are great! the colors are wonderful. but the white flower fades too much into the paper without more around it.
Robin, is this ok?

Robin Weiss said...

Thank you Cathy!

Thanks Babe!!

Lavon, thank you! Critique away! I love the input!

Lavon said...

Robin, thank goodness! you know I am an ardent admirer of your work. I am really jazzed by your new endeavors. love, lavon