Sunday, October 14, 2012

"The Bitterroot River" oil, plein air painting, by Robin Weiss

"The Bitterroot River"  8x10 oil on panel
The first official day of the workshop we all trucked over to a fishing access on the Bitterroot River.  earlier, we met at the Grange near Stevensville for morning coffee , breakfast and warm-ups..

Class set up on the Bitterroot

Each morning Bob and Cathe would do a simultaneous demo. Bob working in oils and Cathe with water media..It was great watching the different approaches. Both are experienced instructors and love what they do!

value sketch for "Bitterroot River"

Value sketches were emphasized for working out your design....a very important pre-painting exercise that I had gotten out of the habit of doing...and my paintings have been suffering for it...Nice to get back in the habit!

Bob Phinney works into his under painting  with color

Bobs pallet has a warm and cool , blue, yellow and red hue with white.

The Plein Air Mobile

My camping spot......which was nice because I could go inside in the morning and cook some coffee for everybody and warm up!....=]


Lavon said...

oh my gosh! fabulous. I am full of adjectives! love your painting. the value sketches really did some wonder for you, I guess. I will have to try it. Meanwhile, keep this blog going! just loving it. someday you are going to have to write a book about your adventures. way better than "On the Road"!!

Lavon said...

I painted your photo this weekend of the couple waling the meadow near the Boedel mansion in the rain. quite happy with the result. thank you for sharing. now I'm eyeing the photo you took some time ago of a crane. I've also been doing New Mexico paintings.
thank you for your inspiration and encouragement!

Unknown said...

I would love to attend one of these classes one day!