Friday, July 27, 2012

"Keeping Cool" figurative ,oil, painting by Robin Weiss

"Keeping Cool" 6x8 oil on panel

 Another from the beach photos I took on my plein air excursions to Edmonds. Loved this little girl "Keeping Cool" two ways!

I had fun with a little impromptu title challenge with this painting on facebook .  Dave Olson came up with the title and he will receive a newly minted 2013 desk calandar of my Seattle scenes.

2013 calendar of seattle city scenes by Robin Weiss
  I printed these up for the upcoming studio tour in Poulsbo called Arts in the Woods.....but I printed a LOT of them so if you would like one....or two....or me at  .....$10.00 by mail plus post depending on where you live....=]

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Amanda said...

Oh so you do paint from photos sometimes!