Saturday, July 07, 2012

"The Metropolitan Grill" Seattle city, urban , oil painting by Robin Weiss

"The Metropolitan Grill"  6x10 oil on panel   SOLD
Still playing catch up here....This is a painting done awhile back that was in the Father/Son show at Alki Arts and somehow never got posted. Must have been one of those rare days of sunshine back in May...
Across the street is the Bus Stop at Second and Marian.

I have to add a pic of the new puppies at the Knowles Studio. They are very cute and lots of fun! ...and they will keep the rabbits and deer out of the garden!!    Meet , Rollie and Bing ;
Rollie and Bing     studio pups

Of course they are glued to Leigh most of the time and are not happy when she is busy with Art Camp......
Art Camp at Knowles Studio

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Lavon said...

Wonderful painting, Robin. But you know I always love your Seattle images. Your use of the shadows and the sunshine is so "tender". Puppies are sweet, too. They will be full-grown doggies by the next time I am able to swing by.