Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"White House" urban plein air painting by Robin Weiss , Gallery North's Plein Air and Beauty of the Northwest Exhibition.

"White House" 8x12 oil on panel  Sold
Okay, "White House" is not a very creative title......but I was in a hurry to get this painting entered in Gallery Norths Plein Air painting exhibition poster contest...Glad I made it because it won!

Rob and Kim painting in Edmonds WA.
We had another fun day painting on the street in Edmonds! Actually a little too close to the road......A very nice police officer came by in his cruiser and asked us to please move our easels out of the street. Fortunately we were about done so it was pack up time anyway.

The majority of this painting was done on location. When I got back to the studio I added the figure from a photo taken while I was working and then did a little touch up.


William R. Moore said...

Robin, Congratulations! Nice, Tom's picket Fence?

Carol Flatt said...

Congratulations, Robin! A deserved honor indeed! What a charming house and perfect for the poster! Well done!

Lavon said...

no wonder it won. absolutely ffff gorgeous!!!! love love the flowers, the chimney, the perspective. amazing!! Robin, you rock!

Darrell Anderson said...

'White House' is a perfect name for this one...'red house' might not have worked so well. Nice job, Rob. You have a thing for picket fences and do them well...like the rest of the piece.

Robin Weiss said...

Thanks friends! I appreciate all the kind comments!